Our beginnings

This blog will document our journey of opening a brewery.  So fill your glass, sit back, and enjoy...

We are getting ready to launch a crowd funding campaign.  We had a blast shooting the video and we owe a huge thank you to Laura Spires, Shane Stefanchik, and Michelle DiCeglio for taking the idea and turning it into a high quality video!!  They're pretty amazing and you should definitely check out their other work at MadLab.  We're finishing up a few more details for the campaign and then we'll have a kick off party to share it with the world. 

We're also looking for a location, talking with banks, researching and documenting lots... it sometimes feels a little slow moving but we're being thorough and planning every little detail which tends to pay off in the long run.  The brewery we're planning is a 10 barrel (315 gallon) system.  That will probably get pieced together from whatever I can find.  I've already started some PLC programming to automate it, so it should be a fancy "whatever I can find" brewhouse.  My homebrew setup will become our pilot and brew-on-premise system.  Homebrewing is what really grew my passion for beer so we want to spread that passion by teaching people how and we'll be a one stop shop for everything you need to pick up the hobby (that sounds better than addiction right?).  Anyway that's all for now and I'll be sure to post more once we have some exciting progress.  Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading.