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I have been home brewing for over a decade and with every batch I love it more. Megan shares my passion for delicious beer and we made a habit of visiting every brewery we can find.  While at a nano brewery in North Carolina, I was pointing out all the similarities between their system and the one in my garage.  Megan finally said "well then when are we going to open a brewery?"  It took a few more years of dreaming before a business plan was written, but there is no turning back now.

The more we learn about beer and brewing the more we enjoy beer.  We want to share this passion.  We plan to do this by opening a brewery with educational classes and demos, brew-on-premise for customers, a strong community presence, and of course a taproom for you to enjoy some delicious beer in. 

Great beer always starts with great people.  Check out our Indiegogo page and help us make our dream a reality.  I hope to see you in the brewery soon.