Location, location, location!!

This summer has been flying by!  We have most of our equipment selected but we're still working on getting the perfect home for it.  We found a place that could be great but we're currently digging into the construction and building requirements before signing the lease.  Its been keeping us very busy talking to architects, contractors, building officials, etc.  

Fortunately we did find some time to relax and get back to our craft.  We brewed a blonde ale that is light and sweet - a regular crowd pleaser.  We also have a Gose bubbling away which is my first sour brew.  I'm still getting used to the idea that its okay to have lactobacillus in my beer but I think its going to become a gateway into sour beers.  

Things are going to start moving quicker for Spires Social.  I'll be sure to be better about posting updates here.  Until next time, enjoy your favorite summer brew!